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June 2016
Demonsration by Simon Hope.

Professional Woodturner Tool desiger Simon Hope shows us a variety of items.
A tape measure.

Sycamore and bubinga.

Rough down the 2 x2 bubinga blank to round. Turn a small spigot to drawing dimension.
Mount the sycamore blank and part of to drawing dimensions. True up the end and form a small dimple in the end. Drill out using a forstner bit, Simon uses a metal depth marker, or use masking tape /marker pen. Simon tidied up the inside then uses some thin superglue to help harden the wood ready for the threads.

Simon demos his own threading jig (available online for £215) CLICK HERE for a link to Simon Website
Set the jig up to centre height, place the cutter in the chuck. Do the kiss test, set lathe to 3000 rpm turn 4 clicks on jig and cut threads. Apply glue again , let dry and then final click to finish cut.
Mount the blank in the headstock again then
Using 7mm drill for the dowel. Shape main section, then a quick sanding, ready to part off.
Male section next. Using Vernier calpiers measure inside dia then add 1.1mm. With digital calipers its easy, just measure then zero and increase by 1.1mm
Cut the spigot again superglue. Line up jig with the bed bars, kiss test again. 4 click then final click after more glue. Apply a little wax it should fit.
Drill hole from both sides to eliminate any wander.
Screw the Sycamore onto the bubinga to turn the end off.
Form a small jamb chuck and fit the bubinga shape sand.
Simon turns down a small piece for the cap. Drill a hole for the dowel say 10mm deep. Shape the blackwood sand and buff with oooo steel wool. Assemble ,mark length of dowel and cut 2mm shorter. Mark out for the tape, Simon used a slot saw to cut the small slot. Very cheap but slightly dangerous.

Simon shows how to hand thread chase.

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