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May 2015
Giant Mushroom
Demonsration by Tony Wilson

An fasinating and informative demonstartion acompanied by Tony's forthright views by professional wood turner and demonstrator Tony Wilson

Timber - Red Beech
Project - Giant Mushroom.

The wood for the top or cap was mounted in a 50mm drilled recess and C jaws fitted in the chuck.
It’s probably better to mount the wood on a faceplate with a piece this size.
A bowl gouge, the smaller the better actually makes things safer, as a big gouge creates a bigger chance of dig ins.
With a project like this there is lots of, off balance wood to remove, start with the side grain. Face up with a very slow speed to gain balance. Check the wood to toolrest gap frequently and reduce as necessary. Stop and look at whats happening, there is a lot of wood to remove! Swing the headstock a little (if possible) to give better access to the mushroom cap edge. Keep shaping the edge and keep your tools sharp.
Keep an eye open for any bark inclusions, these can cause problems. Now the cap is faced off, form a 100mm spigot to suit large chuck jaws. Roll about one third of the edge over to form a comfortable shape to sit on. Try to get a good finish from the tool to save a lot of sanding later. Start to slightly hollow the disc to give a comfortable seat. Start to form the underside lip, again use a small gouge to reduce the chance of dig ins.
Remove from lathe and mount in big chuck jaws. True the blank up with a tap from a hammer. Speed low again start to with then start to true up the underside. Turn speed up slightly as the disc gets more even. Roll over about 1inch(25mm)  under lip and form a slight hollow. Make a recess to accept the base when formed. Slightly dovetailed.  Form a 1inch flat to hold the base then form a hollow. Round off the last bit of the edge to finish the top. Power sand.

Now the base.
Mount a massive chunk between centres. Beech again but not red. 8x8x17.
Use a steb centre to get a good balance of the chunk, the wood may be physically off centre but it must be balanced in terms of weight. Get the blank partly round and re-assess the shape and adjust the steb centres as necessary, keeping things balanced. Keep a good eye on the toolrest gap and don’t allow it to become too large. Try to keep the base as wide as possible. Ensure the weight is well distubuted to give little or no vibration. Turn until nice and round. Produce the spigot to fit into the top. Working from the end using a spindle gouge form the spigot, this way the tool overhang is minimised. Bowl gouge to form a cove. Roll the top edge over. Start to make a skittle like shape. Finish foot.

These stools are not designed for outdoor use. Timber for the project is available from Tony Wilson

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