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May 2016
Demonsration by Shaun Clifford.

Professional Woodturner Shaun Clifford shows us how to turn a large chunk of crotch wood.

Crotch Wood Bowl in Beech.
Mount the large crotch blank on a screw chuck, spin slowly to start the shaping, aim to get the whole of the base flat. Try to keep the bowl central and balanced, only increase speed when safe to do so.
Once you have got to the bark on all 3 wings begin to start the undercut. Once to shape form a spigot to suit your chuck, then refine the base.
Shaun explains how he dries the bowls which he always makes from start to finish as one process. Shaun sands from 180 -1200 on most his bowls.
Shaun shows how to use a shear scraper to blend the base of the bowl, this helps to remove any small undulations and discrepancies.
Shaun uses a paint stripping gun to dry the surface of the wet bowl to allow for traditional sanding.

Reverse the blank and start to turn the outer edges first.
Taking fairly heavy cuts to reduce the weight, gradually increase the speed if the lathe will allow without vibration.
Turn the wings to about 20mm thick and then work towards the middle to remove more waste wood. When nearing the finished shape always turn from the outside edge of the winged bowl to stop breakout. Start working the centre section to give an even wall thickness on the natural edge.
Remove the excess wood from the middle once the inside shape matches the outside. Continue to shape the inside using a bowl gouge. Trim the ends straight then plane to finish.

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