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September 2014
Braille Bowl!

Demonsration by Tim Evans

A facinating, informative, instructive and entertaining demonstartion by Tim Evans.

Tim Evans, gave the Jorvik Woodturning group a great demonstration with pimples, dimples, to give a tactile bowl with a simple message for braille readers.

The Project
Braille Bowl in Sycamore

We have only given a brief description of Tim's Demo here as the full details are available as a PDF file below, with kind permission from Tim Evans.

Mark a spigot. Use 6mm parting tool and a 9mm bowl gouge to shape outside of Sycamore bowl. Mark out for the lip and rim.
Tim always works from a drawing, which is important for the setting out of the braille pimples in this project.
Finish the outside shaping and sand to 600 grit, apply some sanding sealer, let this dry and de nib. Remove the wood from the lathe and reverse chuck this time with the chuck jaws in contraction mode.
True up the face and then mark out for the hollow bowl section. Using a mini skew to score a line.
Cut out the braile template formed on computer using Serif draw+ software or similar. Position the template on the bowl and ask your able assitant to hold it in place whilst you use masking tape to secure it accurately to the wood. Using an automatic punch, punch all the dimples for the braile lettering. Once all the holes are punched, start to hollow the bowl. Using a bowl gouge remove a small amount of the rim to leave the dimples flush.
Sand the rim flat using cork block or similar, then use a steamer or kettle to raise the pimples.
Shape the pimples with a special tool with a convex head whilst the pimples are still soft and damp. Once all the pimples have been raised and cleaned up, continue to hollow the bowl using a bowl gouge.
Power sand the inside making sure that no lines are left. True up outer edge and sand, ensure that any sharp arrises are softened slightly. Form lines around rim to accentuate the braile. Use a cactus bristle brush to sand the braile area.
Now reverse chuck again to complete the bottom. Line up bowl on padded domed disc with the small dimple made in the centre previously to get the bowl to run true.
Use a spindle gouge to remove original chucking point.
Remove from the lathe to remove central pip with chisel. Make sure the braile is not damaged during this process.
Fit drill chuck to headstock, sand the pipple off with a small sanding disc in  the drill chuck. Apply sanding sealer to the base.
Buff using cactus brush in drill chuck FINISHED.

Tim has previously written this demonstation as a magazine article for the "Woodturner" magazine, this publication is longer in print, which means the copywright passes to the author, Tim Evans; Tim has given the Jorvic Woodturning Club permission the publish the original article in PDF format. You may view or print this for your own use. CLICK HERE

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